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Pick N Mix

Everyone loves a canvas bag or free pens and they all come in useful and are recieved well but what about taking them back to their childhood; and put a smile back on their faces (even if it is a sugary smile). If you're looking for a corporate gift to entice new clients or you're paying thanks to suppliers or just want to show gratitude to your team why not treat them to Pick N Mix. From old school classic sweets to new upcoming sweets Pick N Mix is the way give back. 

Whatever the reason may be our Pick N Mix is the perfect product, with a variety of sweets to choose from we can cater to any needs that you have. With over 100 sweets to choose from we're sure they'll be one sweet that everyone loves. 

We can do all dietary requirements you may need but we can also personalise. We can personalise based on your brand, logo or your new products. 

From a small resealable bag to larger 1KG bags or even jars and cones of sweets we can help you whenever possible.

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